I’m borrowing this format idea from Mary Frances – you’re so damn creative, would you like to be best friends/life partners? OH WAIT. We already are. – Enjoy!

Highlights from the past few days:

Love: That it’s October 1st and hopefully Richmond will start feeling like Fall soon.

Hate: That my to-do list keeps multiplying before I can cross anything off.

Love: That when I go home Morrison, Simon, Kirby and Riley will be happy to see me (these are pets, dear reader, not a bunch of housemates with seemingly gender-neutral names).

Hate: That Morrison, Simon, Kirby and Riley are only excited to see me because they want me to feed them and are delusional enough to think that EVERY TIME I walk towards the kitchen their food bowls will magically get filled – think again, my furry friends.


Love: That I was at the beach this past weekend and got to put my toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hate: That I’m unsure if all my bills will be paid on time.

Love: That I’m wearing jeans and flip-flops to work today.

Hate: That my bedroom is incredibly messy and that my laundry is sitting in the dryer getting wrinkled because I forgot to take it out last night.

Love: That instead of ironing the wrinkled laundry I will cheat the system by wetting a sock or shirt from that load and throwing it back in the dryer for 20 minutes.

Hate: That this post is reminding me of all the chores I have to do.

Love: That I am staying in town this weekend and will hopefully get to relax a little bit. Oh, and I love that my roommate and I may go to the Ashland Berry Farm to pick pumpkins on Saturday. Because apparently we’re 9 years old.


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