What’s your sign, baby?

First posts are like first dates.

You don’t know where to start, how much to say about yourself, and how soon to wait before you ask for a second date. You’re trying to learn about each other without revealing anything overly embarrassing. You want to appear totally cool and laid-back but really your stomach kind of hurts and your palms are getting sweaty. So, instead of worrying about all those things, I’m just going to get all the embarrassing stuff over with.

-I sleep with a blanket and teddy bear even though I’m in my 20’s.

-I have been to 3 Hanson concerts (the last one was only a year ago).

-I sometimes snort when I laugh.

-I have a habit of making awkward eye contact with total strangers (in the car, at restaurants, etc) and not realizing I should turn away before I creep them out.

-I have 2 fake teeth that could potentially fall out and force me to stay indoors until my next dentist appointment.

-I know every line of the movie Galaxy Quest.


GOD, I’m glad that’s over.

So…want to go out again sometime?


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