true love aka  life partner connection, n. :

1. driving your friend’s minivan all the way from South Carolina to Richmond because she is too sick from the night before to even sit up straight

2.  posing for endless photographs even though YOU DON’T WANT TO – but you continue to smile anyways

3. keeping each other company in strange hotel hallways in Britain because your pre-assigned roommates are weird people you don’t want to sleep in the same room with

4. holding hands or embracing for overly long periods of time in public places and not caring that everyone thinks you’re either lesbians or conjoined twins

5. understanding the importance of hand-written letters when you’re separated by more than 5 states

6. matching your Halloween costumes even when it’s inappropriate

7. wearing a UVA shirt even though when asked, you have to say ‘actually, no, I went to JMU, but my best friend went to UVA’ because then you look unintelligent

8. knowing no matter how far away you are or how long it’s been since you’ve spoken last, that nothing will ever change

9. Mary Frances and Liz



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