Websites Worth Checking Out

We all have those bored moments online. Those “wow, there are only so many times I can check recently updated facebook profiles” or “that’s the 5th time I’ve seen if has any new material this hour” moments where you yearn for fun, new, distracting websites to get you through the last 20 minutes of a class or a lunch break. I totally understand. Here are some fun sites I’ve come to depend on for distraction…

1. Go Fug Yourself – My favorite, funny blog about celebrity fashion. These girls are my idols; I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid for hilarious blogging? Warning: you may laugh a whole lot so make sure your boss/teacher/office-mate isn’t paying attention.

2. Find Your Spot – An online quiz that matches you with 24 U.S. cities you would like to live. I love daydreaming about where I should move and this gets me excited for new places.

3. Overheard in the Office – Real funny things people hear while working and send in. There are other options at this link – Overheard in New York City, At the Beach, Celebrity Wit, etc. – and they will all make you laugh. Promise. In the Office is my favorite because it reminds me of my old work and of The Office tv show.

4. Some Ecards – Random, sometimes crude but SO fabulously funny. Browse these email cards by subject or popularity and, if you have a friend with a great sense of humor, click send. Examples:


Enjoy. And I’m always in the market for other fun sites so let me know if you have something worthwhile.


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