Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a great weekend – I certainly did! Here are some highlights…

Friday – dinner at my Mom’s house then out with my roommate to Tobacco Company for some dancing. We only lasted until about 11/11:30 pm because we were SO tired. And then, when we both admitted how glad we were to be in sweatpants in front of the tv, I sort of felt old (but super glad to be out of that incredibly smokey club…and now I feel old again).

Saturday Day- off to Ashland Berry Farm with Thal and Tina! It was such a gorgeous day and there was a great Christmas shop that I hadn’t remembered from childhood (fun surprise number 1). We took the hayride out to the pumpkin fields and our lovely driver decided it would be ok to smoke while pulling a cart full of young kids and dried straw (fun surprise number 2). Anyways, after Tina literally busted open a pumpkin by touching it (her strength amazed all of us), we piled all our pumpkins in Thal’s arms so she could get the “All You Can Carry For $20” deal (her strength also amazed us), and headed back to RIC where I decided to finish the afternoon by watching really awful TV (Brooke Knows Best, anyone?).

Saturday Night – shenanigans in the Fan with Hayley and Kristen. I’m usually not a spontaneous person, but I’m so glad I decided to get my butt of the couch and head out. We listened to some Britney, hung out at Sticky Rice, got Ms. I Don’t Ever Dance to break it down at Starlite, and then managed to make quite a scene walking back to Kristen’s apartment…

[Me, Hayley at Sticky Rice]

[Kristen, me and that polar bear statue on Main St.]

[…and so continues the walk back to Kristen’s apt. – it sort of looks like I killed her and then was doing a victory dance but, fear not, she was just resting]

Sunday – lazy, sleep in morning. Thal and I watched the Redskins game then both fell asleep (watching other people partake in sporting events tires us out). I got stuff ready for work today, enjoyed some Dawson’s Creek, and basically did nothing strenuous for the remainder of the day, which was glorious and much needed.

Looks like I’ll be mowing the lawn after work today since I didn’t get around to it yesterday. Whoops.


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