Fun Moment of Today

I was driving to the bank to run an errand on my lunch break and the song “I Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison came on the radio. I turned it up, rolled down my windows, and started dancing like I was in Flashdance (i.e. wildly with no inhibitions and a lot of head shaking). I was sitting at the stoplight of Cherry and Main where class at VCU must have had let out because there were students EVERYWHERE, and some were definitely laughing at my stellar car dancing. So I had a split second of “ohmygod, you’re an idiot turn it off and slowly roll up your window without making eye contact,” but then I realized “whatever, you’ll never see them again and you have a right to be happy and goofy so GO FOR IT.”

And so I did. Despite the possible strained neck muscles I am still glad I didn’t let a little self-consciousness ruin my fun.

Turn it up, dance like you mean it (even you, Hayley), and have a great day:


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