Vino Love

I usually choose wine by its label. Is it pretty? Graphically appealing? Under $10? DONE. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I don’t. I usually stick with white wine and find myself drawn towards any bottle from Portugal because they’re my people – I like imagining my ancestors and long-lost relatives on sprawling vineyards outside Lisbon.

SIDENOTE: My Aunt Judy has a genius plan to escape reality and run away to the Portuguese coast, and I plan on joining her. We will grow native grapes and make our own wines, crush exotic flower petals into perfume oils, collect well-worn beach stones, and save pieces of traditional blue and white tiles to sell to visitors. We will wear only drapey, white dresses, develop incredible tans, and have lithe, strong, sinewy bodies from climbing the coastal rocks and flitting around instead of walking (isn’t that what quasi-goddesses do?).


[I’m on the left enjoying some homemade wine from a shell; Aunt Judy is on the right plucking flowers in our lush seaside garden]


Anyways, I must stop day-dreaming, I swung by Total Wine (aka Heaven On Earth) yesterday after work and got extremely lucky with my wine choice: Gazela Vihno Verde. In fact, it may just be my favorite wine so far. Here is how the label describes it:

“An irresistible bright fruity white wine. The bouquet is a lively mix of citrus and floral aromas. Soft flavors of apricot and grapefruit are perked up by the sparkling bubbles and balanced by delightful crisp acidity and strong minerality.”

WOW. Doesn’t that sound delightful? I was hooked by this description but then checked the bottle design for purchase confirmation…

BEAUTIFUL. And the price? $5.99. Ladies and gentlemen, this is true love.


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