Paparazzi welcome

I ran a quick errand to Ukrop’s for lunch. I picked up sushi and a huge sugar-free red bull (the ones that probably should be illegal b/c of the amount of caffeine they have). The sun was very bright so I grabbed my over-sized aviator sunglasses from my cute, off-white hobo bag and slid them on. I was smiling because the adorable navy blue wrap dress I had on got me a compliment from a stranger and only cost me $10 at a second-hand store.

I am SO celebrity right now.

That’s obviously not me, but it’s pretty damn close.

Well, change the purse color.

Oh, and add a to-go sushi container and a couple dozen pounds (she is looking quite slender here).

Switch the sandals to navy blue flats.

FINE, she doesn’t really resemble what I look like today at all, but JUST LET ME HAVE MY FANTASY FOR A MINUTE, GEEZ.


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