Resolutions, To-Do Lists, and Goals (oh my!)

There are a few things that I’ve accomplished this past year that I’m incredibly proud of –

1. Running the VA Beach 8k and the Monument Avenue 10k – I’m definitely not a runner so this was a huge (dare I say monumental? haha, sorry) accomplishment for me. After competing in these races, I am perfectly content with never running again. Check it off the life list, please.

2. Getting Morrison, the first of 3 pets I want to have – I wasn’t planning on getting a kitten. I met and fell in love with him while he was in foster care and then just couldn’t imagine not ever seeing his big eyes and crooked tail again. So I scooped him up, and I’m happy to say he still makes me smile everyday.

3. Being laid off and landing on my feet – I thought I’d be mortified if I was ever ‘let go’ from a company, especially my first big girl, grown up job. I’m SO glad I was (for so many reasons). It taught me humility and resourcefulness – things that I didn’t know I had in me. I don’t regret it one bit and am glad to be where I am now instead.

4. Living in a house – Thal and I upgraded from a 3 room apartment to a real life 2 bed / 1.5 bath house with a porch, fireplace, and yard. Not that I disliked the apartment, but it wasn’t any work compared to this place. We have to clean more, take care of more pets, mow the lawn…which all sound like icky chores. But it makes me feel good to get everything done and know I can step up the responsibility if I need. That being said, if I was offered a maid service tomorrow I’d totally take it. But a good life lesson, all the same.

SO, those things aside, here are some more things I’d like to accomplish eventually. I’m not limiting myself to a year because sometimes you have no control over timing and fate and other such things. I’m just saying…the near future to-do list (in no particular order):

-live someplace new (sorry, Richmond, the time has come)

-cook more and learn fabulous recipes

-go back to school

-have a garden (possibly just herbs because I can’t keep flowers alive long)

-own professional / nice clothes (I will never stop shopping at Target, but it would be lovely to afford and enjoy higher quality things…someday.)

-go on a trip that requires air travel (Greece or India, anyone?)


Any suggestions? Free plane tickets? Let me know.


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