Weekend Fun

Friday: Productivity! I got lots done at the office and left by 5:00 pm (woohoo!). I headed to a friend’s place with Thal for a good, old fashioned house party. The evening consisted of free drinks, games, and a dance party (as per usual with Thal and I) – the perfect trifecta for a magically fun evening.

Saturday: Tina, Lindsey and I headed to Hands On Greater Richmond’s volunteer day. All the volunteers met up at the Richmond Raceway to get tshirts, coffee and raffle prizes. Out of hundreds and hundreds of people, both Tina and Lindsey won prizes – gift certificates for dinners. (Figures. I better get a meal with SOMEBODY after that, ladies). We headed to the Science Museum / Children’s Museum Pumpkin Palooza Festival and had a blast. In the evening, I went to a charity auction event with my boss at the VA Aviation Museum. It was quite an experience (never having been to an auction before) but learned that next time I should wear more comfortable shoes.

Sunday: I got up early to have breakfast at my Mom’s house with my Aunts who were visiting from Alexandria. It resulted in fabulous food (thanks Harold), spontaneous shopping adventures (thanks Aunties), and free firewood later in the day (thanks to the woodsman who delivered it). My good friend Connie and her boyfriend Jesse were in town and we visited for a bit (check out her blog Five Days Between). Thal and I enjoyed the football game, good home-cooked food, and a wonderful fire (after a brief but terrifying lesson in ‘how to tell if your fireplace floo is open after you’ve already built a fire’). After dinner I accidentally watched the series finale of Dawson’s Creek, contemplated the meaning of life, and sobbed like a baby until bedtime. Other than that, it was quite a wonderful day.

I hope you all had equally wonderful weekends!


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