Fun Facts About Me: Holiday Edition

1. I like to listen to holiday music REALLY EARLY in the season. Like, now. Frank Sinatra’s “White Christmas” is currently playing on my (if you don’t know this online radio, it’s worth checking out). October 21 is a totally appropriate time to listen to Christmas music, right? It’s just that by the time it’s socially appropriate to put on Mariah Carey Christmas (shut up, it’s amazing), Thanksgiving has to be over and then you only get a few good weeks in. I like to get in the festive spirit as soon as the weather shifts to cool, crisp mornings and Starbucks starts selling it’s seasonal drinks. That way I’m completely jolly all autumn and winter long (I also keep holiday music playing until way into January because it’s so sad to turn it off RIGHT AWAY – same applies to keeping up a Christmas tree).

2. I am not a fan of typical Thanksgiving foods. I don’t like stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie – or any type of pie for that matter (I know, I know) – green bean casseroles or anything with creamed onions (what does that even mean?). This saddens me because my cousin always makes these amazing looking side dishes to bring to dinner, and I just never like them (sorry, Cath). I want a Thanksgiving where I order a whole spread of Vietnamese or Thai food instead. And maybe Portuguese fried dough. Is that too weird?


3. One of my favorite hot drinks is apple cider (but I don’t like apple juice, go figure), but I can’t drink it unless it’s a truly chilly day. I don’t enjoy it if it’s a fake autumn day – like so many in Richmond, VA…sort of cool in the early morning but then 75 by lunch. I hold off until my fingers are cold enough to want to hold onto the warm cup, til the cider steam is visible in the air. It has to really feel like Fall for me to want cider. Also, I can’t enjoy cider past January 1st because then the season is over. What season, you ask? Duh, Cider Season.

4. I will always cut paper snowflakes and put them on my window panes. Thanks to my mother, who always had Rae and I do it as children. Also, I control the weather this way (I’m very powerful). It won’t ever snow until my paper snowflakes are done and posted in the windows – honest to Buddha. [Sidenote: If you are all pumped about this arts and crafts activity but don’t have scissors and paper handy, do it online]

5. I own and (repeatedly) watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Snowman during the holiday season. All three are kids cartoons; all three make me cry a lot. I couldn’t love them more. 

6. I am hypnotized by blinking Christmas tree lights. Tacky? Yes. Painful to look at? Of course. Completely distracting? Totally and thoroughly. However, the strand I put on my tree has 17 different blinker settings. I alternate each setting accordingly (one every few days) so I can enjoy each and every one. I must turn off every single light in the house (not just the room) to get the full effect, and I will probably burn the house down one day because the blinking will malfunction, spark, and/or have stripped wires, but I will refuse to unplug them because they’re so damn mesmerizing.


And now, I cannot WAIT for the day after Thanksgiving! Because that, to me, is the official start of Christmas, even though I will probably listen to The Carpenters Christmas songs a billion times before then.

And I really, really want it to snow. NOW. Maybe I will cut snowflakes this evening in order to signal the weather gods so I can once again control the seasons and precipitation. IT SHALL BE DONE.


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