Dear Rae

My sister says I never post about her (even though she failed to check out the About Me page to see her shout out). As it is entirely too early for my brain to be functioning sans coffee, I have decided that numbered facts and a photo-montage* detailing what I love about her will have to replace my usual intellectual repartee.


1. She’s a snazzy dancer. She probably has some black in her somewhere (a gene that I most definitely do not have as my dancing is more white girl / finger snappy).

2. She’s got some sweet tats.

3. She teaches me cool hand signals to make me appear more gangsta than I usually am (plus we sometimes dress alike, obviously).

4. Every time I see her, she has a different hair color and style. This was from years and years ago but still. 

5. She has great taste and is a JMU fan like me. Go Dukes!

5. She takes amazing photos (I think she took the one below with a self-timer) and is the most beautiful person I know.

6. She puts up with me (as evident by the photo below – sorry it’s dark).


Conclusion: I love her best.



*some of these photos are quite old



2 thoughts on “Dear Rae

  1. It’s actually a prerequisite for making gangsta hand signals. My hands physically won’t make them without it. Weird, huh?

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