Half Full

It’s 7:41 am, and I’ve been at work for at least 20 minutes now – which means I am very, very early. Today is already threatening to overtake me and I’m trying hard to keep it in check. In order to do so (and maintain some semblance of sanity), I am going to take a 5 minute break and list some good things about today.

1. I put my electric blanket on my bed the other night (it’s reallycold in my house – sometimes colder in the house than outside) and love waking up, feeding the cats, then jumping back into bed for 10 minutes. My toes wake up warm and snuggly instead of numb and frozen.

2. I am wearing a sweater today which means it’s officially fall (well, sort of). It feels like I’m walking around with a soft blanket wrapped over my shoulders and really, you can only top that if you’re at home all day actually underneath a soft blanket. So this is pretty great too.

3. In honor of waking up so damn early, I stopped by Starbucks and used a gift card (even better since I didn’t have to use my own money) to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m slightly giddy over how wonderful it is.

4. I had a great evening yesterday including a dinner out, flowers, and a little bit of hand holding. I’m still smiling from it. And the flowers look wonderful on my dining room table (it’s only a matter of time before Morrison discovers them and chews all the petals off though).

5. When today is done it will be Friday.


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


2 thoughts on “Half Full

  1. Thanks honey…It appears I will be at the office for many more hours. Sigh. I miss being a student. Let’s go back to the STC theater, ok?

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