Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did but it was incredibly busy. I am SO exhausted right now and am needing more coffee than usual to keep me awake. I am looking forward to being done, heading home to have dinner and get my laundry done, and then crawling into bed probably very early. Sounds glorious…but until then I must focus. Anyways, here are some weekend highlights.

Friday: I had an awful ending to my work day and felt like crying a lot. I got home later than expected but right when Andrew got into town. So I got a big hug and we made dinner and had wine (which makes everything alright). Then we headed out downtown with a bunch of friends.

Saturday: I slept in a little then had to head into work for a few hours. I accidentally set off a silent alarm and chaos ensued. Sigh. But then Andrew and I got Qdoba wich seemed to make it all ok – guacamole always does. Later on, Thal, Andrew and I made a fire and watched scary movies. It was fabulous and exactly what I want to be doing RIGHT NOW. Also, I recommend The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Sunday: Chores in the morning, then off to the Celtic Festival with Tina and Nathan where there were many kilts, large men throwing things (logs and such), and lots of dogs. Andrew ate haggis(and I can’t even get him to try a green pepper), and considered buying a suit of armor. I was mildly horrified by both things. Afterwards, we headed over to my cousin’s apartment where we met up with my sister and others for the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert at VCU. It was a great, uncrowded, free concert event – and he played for 3 hours which was amazing.

It was a great weekend, but I’m totally ready for a nap now.


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