Rae showed me the music video for Beyonce’s Single Ladies last night and it’s totally and completely ridiculous. We tried to dance around like her – Rae does it extremely well (for a short white girl with no booty) and I think I dislocated a hip.

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) (you must have your volume up)

I listened to it driving to work and just can’t stop smiling. I may have found a cure for the case of the mondays, people. Trust me, it’s worth clicking on. And it’s even better if you can picture my sister and I trying to imitate it.


2 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Beyonce makes me very nervous. And yes, I have noticed the hand thing (maybe she’s a robot and not a real woman b/c real women have thighs/legs/butts that would probably jiggle at least a little when they shake like that, am I right?). Can you imagine if anyone had attempted to recreate this dance for a Joni concert at St. Catherine’s? I would’ve liked to try b/c Jacki always hated me anyways and this would put her over the top.

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