Cooking Attempt #3

Tonight, I am going to try to make a meal of Chicken Enchiladas because I just had a craving. Thal has a ridiculously stressful, long week, and I just want an excuse to go home right after work, put on sweats, turn on the Election 08 reports and chill out. Also, I purchased matching JMU beer koozies (sp?) for us this past weekend and I’m dying to use them – that might be real goal, the cooking part is just a pleasant distraction.

I’m hopeful since my last meal attempt was a great success. Rae came over Thursday and we had Baked Macaroni, Cheese, and Tomato and it was oh so delicious. Simple but very tasty. Or at least that’s what Rae said.

After this I may be ready for my own Food Network show. Watch out, world.


3 thoughts on “Cooking Attempt #3

  1. here’s something sad: preston hates mexican food. and i don’t think it’s one of those things that i can just sort of hide (like mushrooms and peppers–he doesn’t like those, but i sneak them into food anyway, and he eats them. wow i feel kind of creepy right now.)…he actually won’t eat it. so i’m jealous of your enchiladas. and now really want to go to chipotle. at 6:54 in the morning.

  2. Haha, go get some chipotle honey. And next time we see each other, let’s go have a mexican food feast…perhaps with margaritas as well? Si, por supuesto mi amiga!

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