What Not to Wear

I would LOVE to be nominated to be on the TLC show “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They are so amazing and always get people looking like a million bucks. I’ve been watching it all evening and am sort of addicted. Thal and I are going to wear goofy ass outfits (like masks and socks with toes and sandals) and then nominate each other to be on the show – maybe as a roommate special or something. A twofor, if you will. I’d probably get ridiculed for wearing too many neutrals, hiding my figure behind shapeless sweatshirts and jeans, and wanting to wear Old Navy rubber flip flops approximately 297 days of the year but STILL I think it would be fun. Plus, who wouldn’t want $5,000 to buy a whole new wardrobe? Damn, that’s a lot of jeans and white shirts. WOOHOO!


3 thoughts on “What Not to Wear

  1. Glad I found your funny blog…

    I totally need the makeover. I still wear maternity clothes, and my “baby” is 15 mos! Can’t ditch the 50 lbs I gained with her. REFUSE to buy big mama clothes – they all look like slipcovers for old ladies’ couches.

  2. 15 months is still a baby, don’t you even worry about it, honey. But we probably should gather up a bunch of women who want the makeovers and present it to TLC as a group thing. Bloggers just want to be beautiful? Or something. Thanks for reading! I also write at http://elizabethsays.wordpress.com.

  3. I kind of have mixed feelings. I think it would be great to be nominated for the show but at the same time I would probably be mortified if my family nominated me for it!

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