Dear Mom,

I love you but cannot add you as a Facebook friend. It’s nothing embarrassing or anything. You’ve seen some of my photos and the info about me is pretty basic, but I don’t have control over comments that other people post. Also, I feel like it’s weird to be Facebook friends with parents (teachers, bosses, etc.) in general.

Maybe it’s just my weird neurosis but I hope you understand.

If there was a Familybook or something you’d be my number one, promise. No hard feelings?

Love you.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mom,

  1. I’m friends with the G on facebook (she wanted to have access to all my photos) and you will notice that I no longer post photos on facebook. This is no accident. Just say NO to mothers/mothers-in-law. My Mom still has dial up internet, so I’m pretty sure she’s many moons away from even knowing what facebook is.

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