Nova Update

Good morning and happy TGIF! I’m here to fill in some details about my move up North (which is only about 1 hour 45 minutes from my current home but STILL it seems very northern for some reason).

-Job: Director of Marketing / Executive Assistant to the CEO of the Babcock Advertising Agency soon to be moving to Tyson’s Corner

-Living: at the Reserve at Clarendon across the street from Mister Days and Ballroom (everyone, come visit ASAP so we can go play) with Morrison and these lovely ladies:


Amy and Sarah

…yeah they’re both tall and blond and beautiful. I’ll be the short, troll-ish, witty sidekick of the group.

I start work on December 1 and will be living up in Adam’s Morgan with Sarah during the work week. On weekends I’ll come back to the 804 and pack up the house, clean, get rid of stuff I won’t take with me. My goal is to be done by Christmas then stay with my Mom a few days and head up to Nova for good. We’ll be in the new apartment January 16 so come visit (or come help us move…your choice!).

Let me know when you’d like to come visit! The door’s always open after move-in day and I’d love to see you all!


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