Dear Readers,

I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! My head is spinning with finishing the last week at work and mentally preparing for vacations and relocating. There’s just SO MUCH TO DO.

This weekend is going to be amazing! A few of us have come up with a plan for Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to enjoy and celebrate Richmond fun: the “Tour de 804: Less Biking, More Drinking.” Friday we’re doing the traditional Racine happy hour then 80’s Night at Bandito’s. Saturday the girls are having pizza dinner and board games then heading out to the Fan bars – Starlite, Sticky Rice, 3 Monkeys, Delux…wherever the evening takes us. We’ll finish up the weekend with brunch on Sunday. In between all the Richmond fun, I’m seeing a close friend who just got engaged (congrats Connie!) and having Sunday dinner with my sister. I have a feeling I’ll be exhausted come Monday morning.

On top of all the fun, I have to pack a week’s worth of stuff for Dec. 1 – 5 (first week at the new job) and for Thanksgiving vacation up in New Hampshire with Andrew and his family. It will be INCREDIBLY COLD. I’m trying very hard to pack very little, and it just seems like a daunting task. I will also have to get on another airplane (only the second time in my life I can remember) which is making me incredibly anxious. However, I’m looking forward to seeing their home and spending time with them (I am going to miss my own family in Richmond lots but promise to be around for all Christmas activities). Andrew’s family and I are headed into Boston for Saturday and I can’t wait! If you have any suggestions of things to see and do there, let me know.

Oh, and then I’ll land in DC on Sunday, head to Sarah’s apartment, unpack work week stuff, and head off to the new job Monday morning.

It is all going to be new and exciting, but I know I’ll miss my own bed and Morrison a whole heck of a lot.

…And all these reasons are why I haven’t been writing these past few days. Am I forgiven?


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