Major Life Decisions

Not really.

But I am getting my hair cut on Saturday morning at this adorably quirky salon in Northwest DC called Bang! and I need some feedback. My longish hair is driving me crazy – probably b/c I straighten it all the time and it’s getting scraggly. Therefore, I feel the need to chop a bunch off. I’m checking out the following photos for inspiration. What do you think I should go for? I need help, people!

1st Option: Ginnifer Goodwin

ginnifer-goodwin-2 He's Not That Into You

2nd Option: Kristen Cavallari


3rd Option: Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush sophia-bush-2

…and I’m open to any other suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Major Life Decisions

  1. We are living parallel lives. I LOVE IT. I am also 1,000% sick of my hair and have a deep desire to cut it all off (to which Preston looked completely horrified. OH WELL). I really like the Kristin Cavallari one, but it looks like it might be a pain in the ass to maintain. Sophia and Ginnifer’s hair cuts, on the other hand, look cute even when they’re not straightened. I am very anti-straightening these days, since it takes. me. forever. in the morning.

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