Bad Start to a Thursday

So, I woke up this morning glad that it was Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday and that means the weekend. I got up, showered, picked out a cute outfit (weird for me, usually I just stick with basic black pants and a button-down and look boring), and was sort of ready for my day. Sarah and I walked outside and GROSS it was raining. So much for straightening my hair. We stuck it out and saw our third roommate Amy walking back home from the metro. Because of a huge metro back-up that left only one running train and hundreds of people crammed on the waiting platform. We turned around and walked back to get Sarah’s car to drive to work. 

Not good signs so far.

Getting off route 50 almost a half hour later, we saw all the streetlights were out. Cars were honking and policemen were trying to direct the clusterf*ck that was Gallows Road. Fed up, we decided to pull into Starbucks because GOD we needed coffee after our hectic morning.

I jokingly said “If the power is out at Starbucks, it’s probably Armageddon and we should just go back home for the day.”

And the power was out. 

However, instead of sticking to the going-home-and-snuggling-under-the-covers plan, we went to work anyways. Now I’m sitting at my desk getting ready to start my work with NO COFFEE and a sinking, suspicious feeling that all the morning’s bad signs might equal a considerably bad day. 

I hope I’m wrong. I’ll let you know. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me…


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