Haircut, revisited

I know there are way more important things to be thinking about besides how I’m going to get my dumb hair cut tomorrow morning. Sadly, right this moment, I don’t feel like it. Sorry that you have to get another post on this subject. Hang in there, folks. 

Anyways, I was looking up haircut photos because (yikes) I hadn’t really decided on something more specific than ‘eh, just cut it sort of off my shoulders and maybe add some layers and OH, try to make me look prettier? thanks.’ And, thanks to google searching, I am hooked on a Katie Holmes hairdo (sans blunt bangs – tried that, did NOT succeed). 

Check it.

katie holmes and suri



So. Is it too short to work on me? I know Katie is seriously stunning and probably could never look ugly if she tried so I’m hesitant to jump head first into the same haircut since me, not so much. I feel the need for some feedback…


**photos from



2 thoughts on “Haircut, revisited

  1. Every girl is beautiful! I thought my face was too fat to pull off a hairstyle like this but I took the leap anyway. My hairdresser did her own take on it and people who haven’t seen me in years tell me I look amazing! My boyfriend loves it too. If you’ve got a good hairdresser, she/he will know what will work for you and will be honest.

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