TGIF / Weekend Plans

Sidenote: It’s so nice to be able to use ‘TGIF’ again. For a while I was unable to do so because my old boss disliked people being excited about the weekends. I never understood why relaxing, recharging, and enjoying two days with friends and/or family was such a bad thing to enjoy. Anyways, he used ‘TBIF’ instead – Too Bad it’s Friday – and ‘TGIM’ – Thank God it’s Monday. It’s nice to be able to express happiness over Fridays once again. 

I am hoping this weekend turns out to be a good one. Tonight, I’m doing low key stuff with Sarah. We are just headed across the street to grab appetizers and a few drinks for happy hour, which should be relaxing and fun. If you’re in the Clarendon area and want to hang out, we’re planning on being at Mister Days circa 7:30 / 8. 

Saturday morning I’m getting a haircut then going to brunch in DC. I’m very excited about both of these things. Obviously. Then I’m doing some shopping to use up some gift cards from Christmas – I love when I have the will power to not spend gift cards RIGHT AWAY because then it’s like Christmas all over again. Saturday evening a few of us are heading the the Drive By Truckers concert at the 9:30 club. I’ve never seen them before so it should be fun.

Sunday I don’t have anything planned for sure yet. I’d love to get up and go to the cute coffee shop that’s just a block away called Murky Coffee. Then I need to be productive and get laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping done. Fun stuff. 

Anyways, I’m looking forward to 5:00 pm today. I am trying to be very positive and upbeat in hoping that this weekend turns out just as fun and relaxing as I am imagining. If not I’ll just have to keep a smile on my face and fake it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…


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