Case of the Mondays?

Not if you click on the following links.

1. Judge a Book by its Cover – A blog written by a hilarious librarian who sees hundreds of book covers a day and judges each and everyone of them equally. My favorite post so far is The Bastard Prince. You’re welcome. 

2. F*ck You, Penguin * – The opposite theme from (where you can look at sugary sweet photos of adorable animals and such), this blogger posts photos and hilarious commentary of ugly animals, like this:



Simple premise, genius result.


*I am not sure why I feel the need to insert random symbols in the middle of bad words today. Maybe it’s because I recently friended my mother on facebook and feel her cyber presence is everywhere. Although, I’m not sure if she’d even be upset with my foul language since I am an almost 24-year old quasi-grown up who’s been living out from under her roof for years now. Either way, I guess this one is for you Mom. I can’t make any promises for tomorrow though…


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