Half Full

Things I’m looking forward to right now…

1. Springtime – my favorite time of the year! It’s still a little chilly outside but hopefully the beginning of April will bring an end to me wearing winter coats and sweaters. I’ve preemptively unpacked sundresses and flip flops hoping that this will signal the universe to warm things up down here. 

2. My May 9th birthday – It falls on a Saturday this year (yay!) which means I get to plan the entire day around what I want to do, even though that sounds selfish. I’m just glad I won’t be in the office for it this year. I am turning 24, and I have high hopes that it will be a good year for me. 24 sounds / feels more relaxed than 23. I’m also grateful that I’m still at the age where I still look forward to my birthday with eager anticipation. I hope I don’t start dreading getting older for quite some time yet.

3. Camping this Saturday – A bunch of my Richmond buddies and I are going to the country to camp this weekend. I am looking forward to spending time with them and enjoying the outdoors. So, also, please don’t rain, universe. I am additionally looking forward to my friend Nathan bringing his chainsaw to cut down wood for the campfire, even though I think that’s probably going a little overboard. Just a little.

4. Possible Atlantic City trip – A few friends are trying to find a good weekend in June for a group birthday celebration and fun vacation. I’ve never been and hope we can pull it off successfully. 

5. College classes – I have applied and am ready to sign up for classes at the local community college. I hope to start this summer and work towards a Media Design certificate program. I am extremely excited about going back to school, even if it’s just one class at a time. 

6. Miami vacation – Sarah and I are going to visit her aunt in Miami, Florida this September! I know it’s a while away still but the tickets are cheap and we’re SO excited. I’ve never been so if you have any tips or suggestions of places to visit, please let me know!


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