Banned Vocab. Words

Based on the amount of times my boss uses the following words and phrases, please know that it would be totally ok if you NEVER used them around me again. 


-Due Dilligence

-“Strike while the poker is hot”


-“Reinvent the wheel”

-Discus (in all fairness, he does mean ‘Discuss’ when he says/writes ‘Discus’ but just assume both words are on my list – One of these days, I’m going to do a social experiment where I convince my coworkers to replace the word ‘discuss’ with ‘discus’ for a week or so to see if my boss catches on. It should be thrilling. I’ll keep you updated.)

Just like MTV used to retire music videos from the countdown after a certain number of days (40 maybe?), these words shall henceforth be retired from my own vocabulary. Let it be known.


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