Because I am still 16

Dear Mary Frances,

I made you a CD the other week with songs that I have downloaded and remind me of you. I think you would really enjoy it if you don’t know the songs already. I wrote you a letter and decorated the CD and everything.

Aaaand never got around to mailing it because I suck.

So, in order to expedite the whole process of calling you and telling you all about my lame attempt to send you something nice, etc, etc, I figure I can post the playlist for your approval. If you like the songs and want me to send said CD to you still, please let me know. If you like the songs and can download them yourself or you already have them, please let me know. If you don’t like the songs or have no interest in a dumb CD since you, unlike me, have advanced along with technology and only have time for mp3’s and ipods, please do NOT let me know and lie to me, saying you love everything it has to offer and no other CD has ever been better. 


your technologically challenged life partner


“MFNB Mix, 2009”

1. Across the Universe Soundtrack* – Blackbird, Evan Rachel Wood

2. Across the Universe Soundtrack – Across the Universe, ensemble 

3. Adele – Chasing Pavement

4. Citizen Cope – Night Becomes Day

5. Citizen Cope – Sideways 

6. Duffy – Mercy

7. Flight of the Concords – Jenny

8. Iron & Wine – Naked as we Came

9. Joe Purdy – Can’t Get it Right Today

10. Joe Purdy – I Love the Rain the Most

11. Marc Broussard – The Wanderer

12. Matt Nathanson – Laid

13. Matt Nathanson – Gone

14. Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher

15. Matt Nathanson – All We Are

16. Parachute VA** – She is Love

17. Paramore – Misery Business

18. Taylor Swift – Love Story (aka my current obsession)


*If you haven’t seen Across the Universe, stop everything and go rent it now. It’s all the Beatles music redone and put into a love story set in the 1960’s. It’s wonderful and even though Evan Rachel Wood (yes, Marilyn Manson’s on and off again gf) scares the crap out of me with her personal life choices, she does a wonderful acting and singing job here.

**This song is so gorgeous. It’s actually the background to some Nivea commercial, I think. Which makes it seem more lame than it is. Promise.


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