MFNB (sorry, I know you dropped the ‘N’ but I like it like this…so humor me if you will) recently posted her own Confessions list. This post is dedicated to her. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

1.  After years of bitching about disliking country music and having Thal apologize every time she played it (sorry honey), I have crossed over. I can’t stop playing it. It makes me want to walk out of my office, sell my Ford Focus for an old, blue pick-up truck, drive across a few states to gather all my friends in one place, and head to a nearby lake / river/ mud hole / anywhere with a tire swing, and have a barefoot cookout. Preferably only wearing cutoff jeans, tank tops and always drinking PBR or something. In other words, heaven on earth.

My current favorites: Jessica Andrews Summer Girl and There’s More to Me Than You, Little Big Town A Little More You, anything by Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler Best Days of Your Life, Rascal Flatts Fast Cars and Freedom, and Sara Evans Born to Fly. You’re welcome.

2. I went out of town last weekend and have no intention of unpacking until this coming weekend. I threw my bag on my bedroom floor Sunday at 3 when I returned and haven’t touched it since. My roommate thinks this makes me the messiest person she knows, but honestly, it’s not hurting anyone and I just don’t care enough at the end of the day to deal with it. So there. 

3. I’m going camping this weekend, and instead of preparing a glorious meal to cook over the campfire like my friend Tina, I will probably put a raw hotdog in a ziploc bag in the cooler to end up burning on the end of a stick over the open flame. Or I will bring a Subway sub. Whatever.

4. I could not be more excited about my plans this Friday. Which include a good dinner, white wine, my sweatpants, and season 3 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

5. I have been watching really trashy reality television shows lately that I just can’t get enough of. VH1’s Tough Love is by far the best. It follows a group of relationship-challenged women (there’s the overly picky one, the slutty one, the self-conscious one, etc) being coached by a cute 3rd generation match-maker guy to change their ways and find the man of their dreams. On the last episode, he sets the women up with blind dates while he observes. He has attached a buzzer to each girl that he can press a button and shock them when they say or do the wrong thing. One keeps talking about her ex-boyfriend and ZAP, he buzzes her. One actually picks her nose (yikes) and ZAP ZAP, he buzzes her. On top of being absolutely entertaining, the match-maker has genuinely good advice for them and helps them out along the way. Sundays at 10 pm, people. Mark your calendars.


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. 1) Hahahaha there is no escape. My current favorite is Lady Antebellum–great name, great new band (at least, based on what the radio plays, which is all I ever listen to).
    2) Pretty much every weekend that Luke comes up to visit me, I end up shoving my still-full bag from the previous weekend when I visited him in a closet so he won’t see what a slob I am. Whoops.
    3) Zatarain’s red beans and rice, tortillas, and cheese. You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. All I have to say is that I love Tough Love. I made Massey watch it with me the other night (rerun, what can I say), and I kept making comments like, “oh, she’s the really skanky one” or, “oh, she’s really old and he has a son that she was afraid of but not anymore” or Massey’s fav, “obvi she’s just a nasty gold digger.” His response to all of these comments? “GOD GOD, AB! You don’t actually know these people–you know that, right?”

    Of course I know that…

    …I just don’t remember it :0)

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