Words of Wisdom (not from me, don’t worry)

As an English major and life-long reader, I have always been addicted to the written word. I can get lost in almost any kind of writing – novels, short stories, poetry, song lyrics. The following quotes are some of my personal favorites that I wanted to share with whoever is reading. Plus, quotes are far easier to read and write than long paragraphs and, as it is Friday, I’m open to accepting whatever shortcuts I can get. 


Those who don’t feel this… / Pulling them like a River, / Those who don’t drink dawn… / Or take in the sunset… / Those who don’t want change, / Let them sleep…     Rumi, sufi poet, Ode 314

Dark and silent late last night / I think I might have heard the highway call… / Signs that might be omens say I’m going / Going to Carolina in my mind...”         -James Taylor, Carolina In My Mind

What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you say you love…that’s what matters. It’s the only thing that counts.”      -The Last Kiss

Smell the sea and feel the sky / Let your soul and spirit fly / Into the mystic… -Van Morrison, Into the Mystic

“If you want to see the stars you must go out into the country where there are no lights to dim them. But if you really want to see the stars then you must be out in the middle of the ocean. Then you can see them as the sailors and navigators saw them in the days when stars were known as very few people know them now.”         – Madeleine L’Engle, Arm of the Starfish


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