The Price of Wednesday, August 18th

Ok. So this isn’t the most thrilling post to read (compared to, say, the ever-important posts regarding hair styles, obviously), but it may serve as inspiration to anyone trying to figure out how to afford their daily lives.

Being 25 and living in the Washington DC area – ranked no. 10 on Forbes 2009  “America’s Most Expensive Cities” list – is definitely a challenge. The apartments are pricey; the commutes are hellacious. I’m spending more on gas per week living in Alexandria than what I used to spend in almost one month living in Richmond. For real. And while I adore living alone in my one bedroom apartment, it sometimes makes me nauseous to justify the rent and living costs.

The point of this isn’t to make me want to run and hide (it does anyway) but to try and make an honest effort to budget smarter and more effectively. I haven’t decided if I will post details of my necessary life costs such as rent (sorry, I’m not looking for the open judgement that information would elicit) or possibly student loan payments. We’ll see how it goes.

Today’s costs:

-Lunch $6.29 (cash)

-Laundry $3.25 (cash)

Total: $9.54

Already this is shaping up to be a wonderful learning experience because, in my mind, I was super proud for not spending any money. Because apparently cash does not equal ‘real’ money in my head since I’m not taking anything out of the bank with a Debit card. However, that’s $10 gone in a day where I had already decided I spent nothing.

Crap. This might be harder than I originally thought…


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