Apartment Love

Since February, I have been living in a one bedroom apartment in Alexandria. It’s small (around 475 square feet) with basic off-white walls and wall t0 wall carpet. The front door opens into the living area where I have my couch, tv, bookshelf, and cafe-size dining table and chairs. Off this room there are sliding glass doors opening to a cute balcony area. There is a galley kitchen that amazingly has full-size appliances and a garbage disposal (totally and completely necessary) with a pantry and storage closet. The bedroom and bathroom are in the back of the apartment and ta-daa! Welcome to my home!

I’ve been in the process of putting it together since move-in day a few months back. I have artwork on the walls and everything!  I would love to paint the walls and finally get a real-life tv stand and possibly move a little table out to the balcony. Knowing me, I will most likely pull the last part of that off with just enough time for the weather to get cold and then I won’t have time to enjoy the outdoor table. I have awesome timing like that. But I am pretty happy with it for now. There are a few things I have been coveting for a while now and want to take just a moment to share…

-Lovely, typographic wall prints (swoon), pretty housewares (how cute are the bird salt and pepper shakers?), and PAINT!




I’ve also been reading a blog (thanks to Mary Frances) called Young House Love about an adorable young couple in Richmond (how cool!) who have a gorgeous home and a seemingly fantastic life. Make sure to check out their house tour page and  wedding page!



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