Midday “Happiness”

Ok. So today has been a series of wrong starts all day. It feels like I’m playing catch-up and am in a rotten mood as a result. First there’s a new morning routine with the boys I’m nannying, which always proves difficult. Second, swim practice was cancelled because of thunder after I corralled the 5 year old, the requisite 2 bags of pool crap, and the 5 year old’s bad attitude to the pool. Then I messed up my juicing day 1 and have been beating myself up over it all day. Finally, in anticipation of a swim meet this evening, 2 of the 3 boys have come down with suspicious stomach aches and coughs. And my apartment is currently a mess so I’m not looking forward to going home to those chores later. Yes, these are all middle class problems, but damn, I’m so over it today and still have hours to go.

Because of all my crankiness and current frustrations, I am forcing myself to come up with at least a few things to be happy about. Sigh.

1. That I am currently able to type this blog post while the boys watch a movie
2. Being done closer to 4:30 pm today instead of 6 pm
3. That I am not a female in any Indiana Jones movie (because they? Get treated like doormats and/or idiots)
4. I get a long vacation weekend from Friday to Monday
5. That I will feel better once my apartment is cleaned this evening

And…that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Baby steps.


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