Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Plan

Today was better than yesterday, which is all I can ask for at this point. I stuck to my juicing plan. I added a few snacks including a few pretzels, carrots, wasabi peas, and a sliced green pepper when I was getting hungry and was down a pound from yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be down once more.

During class this evening, I made the mistake of looking at a bunch of recipes on Pinterest, and now I’m thinking about food. I want a burger or sushi or big thing of frozen yogurt despite the fact that I’m not actually very hungry. I’ve always been an emotional eater so it’s a struggle when anxiety or stress takes over. My goal with this juicing cleanse is to feel comfortable wearing a bikini this weekend. I already feel like I’ve failed so my brain keeps saying, ‘Whatever. We ruined this week so just pack the one-piece this weekend and let’s go find the nearest Chipotle.’ I am fighting this urge at the moment and am instead in pajamas getting ready to watch a movie.

Here’s the plan for tomorrow:

  • 1 pear, 1 lemon, asparagus, 1 cucumber, ginger, romaine, spinach
  • 3 pineapple slices, 1 cucumber, romaine, kale
  • 1 grapefruit, 1 orange, asparagus, red cabbage, romaine, spinach, greens
  • 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, spinach, kale

Again, I’ll make a fifth juice at night if I’m really hungry and will have minimal snacks as needed. Tomorrow is another long nannying day, but thankfully I don’t have evening class. I need to finish putting together the weekend bachelorette gifts and maybe make a Costco run. I’m on the fence about the later since it’s usually a zoo out there, and I may run out of energy.

…isn’t it fun that this blog has turned into a glorified to-do list? I promise to get more entertaining at some point in the near future. Until then, juicing and to-do lists! Yay!


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