Fun Facts

About yours truly.

1. Some of my pet peeves include excessive plurals, lack of self-awareness (especially at grocery stores for some reason), and poor table manners.

2. I am really good at thrift store shopping. I rotate which stores to visit so there are new items available and am patient enough to spend hours sorting through weird stuff to find one or two treasures. Clothing, kitchen items, household goods, furniture? I’ve got it all covered.

3. If an alien planet attacks Earth and the only way we can all be saved is if someone is able to rap every word of Will Smith’s album Willennium, I will save us all.

4. My top three travel destinations are Portugal, Costa Rica, and Greece. Fourth is India.

5. I have a cat named after Van Morrison.

6. Speaking of Van Morrison, Into the Mystic, Astral Weeks, Moonshine Whisky, Tupelo Honey, Slim Slow Slider, and Domino are my favorites. Go listen now.

7. I always, always overpack.

8. I share my May 9th birthday with my dad and one of my best friends.

9. I’m really scared of heights and deep water. The high dive? Hell. No.

10. I live alone (well, with the cat), and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love every minute.


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