Vacation Wrap Up

I am back from a week’s worth of beach vacation in Buxton, North Carolina. I drove down last Friday and spent two nights in a perfectly tacky beach hotel (complete with knotty pine wood paneling and pastel colored beach paintings) and then went to stay with my mom and step family for another few days. While I had a blast the entire trip, I LOVED my initial solo vacation weekend. I did all the typical Liz things. I overpacked like it was my job, brought scary movies and tons of library books, sat on the deck and had lots of coffee, and woke up entirely too early to sit on the sand and watch the sun come up. The only thing missing was the cat (if it had been a pet-friendly hotel he SO would have been there with me). I recommend a solo vacation to anyone. It’s so refreshing to just do what you want to do and not take into consideration anyone else’s agenda.

In addition, I watched a good amount of HGTV and yelled at the first time homebuyers when they said ignorant things like, “I just want brand new construction that nobody has, like, ever lived in before.” Mom and I drank a lot of really good wine, ate hard and soft shell crabs (my favorite!), and spent a lot of time on the beach. Also? I’m still really good at the bean bag game corn hole. And not at all competitive about it…

I’m back in Williamsburg now though. Back to class and work and real life things like chores and errands. Luckily the family I nanny for is on vacation next week so I don’t have to jump right back into a busy schedule but can ease into a normal routine again. I set up a detox plan for the next week until I head to Richmond on the 3rd. The plan includes healthy eating, juicing, and no alcohol or dessert. I need to take it easy after vacation week. Hopefully I will be successful and can break my healthy fast at Mom’s cookout on Saturday the 3rd. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from the past week…

image_5 photo image_1imageimage_3 image_4


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