About Me

Name: Liz

Birthday: May 9, 1985

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Jobs: Grad Student and Nanny

College: James Madison University ’07, B.A. English

Family: I have a younger sister named Rae (who is my favorite person in the world), Mom named Lisa, and step-family Β in Richmond. My Dad lives in Charlottesville and works at UVA.

Likes: french press coffee, Van Morrison songs, the beach (specifically the Outer Banks), open bars, wearing jeans with white shirts, those Pedigree commercials with the talking dogs, British literature, grandparents, my mom’s guacamole

Dislikes: jumping spiders, deep water, chicken pot pie, doing laundry, when my cat attacks my feet under the covers b/c he thinks it’s a game (I’m NOT playing, Morrison!), heights, student loan debt, excessive plurals



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you. It’s always a pleasure to have a fellow Creek fan around. But I get dibs on Pacey…haha, kidding…actually not at all.

  2. You were in the same room with him?? You may be my hero. Also because of your sister’s name too. Not many people use ‘Rae’ for ‘Rachel’ these days – I appreciate that. I’m going to check out your blog when I have some time this afternoon! I also write at http://elizabethsays.wordpress.com called Celebritastic! if you’re as into pop culture as I am. Have a great day!

  3. Liz, Beautiful, What can I say? I am officially addicted to your blog! Never ever stop!

    I’m not gonna lie..I’m a little sad you are moving! Can we please get together with Thal before? I could use a night of dancing like beyonce or hell, even britney!

    Love you, Mean it!

    ps. I ❀ Pacey
    pps. Joey sings “On my Own” better than the original!

  4. KAT, I love your comment and love that you’d consider having a Britney dance party just for me. Sorry to miss you at JMU – my drunkeness and dead phone battery made it quite the weekend.

    You, Thal and I need to go out soon, please! I’ll be back and forth between RIC and Nova for most of December so we’ll plan a weekend of fun.

    Love you and miss you and would love to see you soon.

    (And Pacy and Joey rule)

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