Juicing Basics: The Machine

Since I’ve been posting about my daily juicing plans, I figure I should provide other basic information. Let’s start with machinery and a back story, shall we?

I bought a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer¬†¬†in May of this year when I should have been studying for final exams. Instead, I was watching documentaries touting the health benefits of juicing and healthy eating (a la Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) and procrastinating. After reading customer reviews on Amazon, I clicked ‘purchase’ and got back to studying like the good graduate student that I am. Luckily, the impulse-purchase was a success. The HBBMJ has been great for the price (retails for about $60) and continues to work well for the amount of juice I make each day.


However, given the lower cost of this model compared to others, I’m not sure how long it will last. If I was juicing for more than one person each day, I would consider spending more money for a machine conducive to a higher daily yield. I usually make anywhere from 3-6 juices each day. Sometimes I prep the entire day’s worth of juice at a time, run all of it through the machine in the morning, and store the juice in the fridge in pitchers. Other times I juice sporadically throughout the day. Again, the HBBMJ has worked very well for this amount of use. I’m sure others will disagree and say it is necessary to spend more money to get the best quality, but for me, this machine has been great for a beginner. If you’re curious about juicing and don’t want to invest too much money up front, I’d recommend trying this machine.